Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him and Her

We understand that finding the perfect birthday gift to celebrate a special milestone can be difficult, so let us help take away some of the pressure by sharing some of our most popular birthday present ideas. Turning 50 is an important milestone in anyone’s life. No one says 50 is the new anything just like a half a roller coaster ride century.  Not only that they are one step closer to becoming a senior citizen, but they’re also closer to finally becoming retired and this is when it starts to get real! 

That’s why you as a gift finder, 50th birthday gifts can be tough to find. Fortunately, there’s enough memorable history in those 50 years to give you some ideas about what the 50th birthday celebrant finds humorous, useful, touching, thoughtful, or even just annoying.  It’s an important one but hey! We can help you! We’ve got plenty of ideas to help them celebrate another life’s milestone. We’ve searched high and low to find the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him and her. Below are the gift ideas we prepared for you, after all, five decades deserve to be noticed with something extra special.

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Personalized 50th Birthday Poster with Facts about 1972

Back in1972 Newspaper Printable -The Chronicle

Let your loved one remember the special events in the year they were born. Aside from the fact that this poster can function as a decorative item at the birthday party, this best-selling 'Back in 1972' newspaper 50th birthday poster will make them feel extra special too with this unique 50th birthday poster. 

50-Year-Old Whisky

50-Year-Old Whisky

You don’t start off drinking a 50-year-old whisky, right? Neither, you buy the cheap stuff,  then maybe the fancier stuff, and once in a while, the good stuff comes your way. But this is the real stuff. A liquor that’s aged for 50 years, like a human, is on a whole next level. Cheers, that you’ve been part of the birthday celebrant's 50th year!

Funny 50th Birthday Mug


For the 50th birthday, offer this funny mug that states the hard truths about reaching this important age. Imagine the look on their face when they open the gift box and finds this 50th birthday gift personalized mug. You can put coffee, tea, or any hot beverage that is deemed suitable and let them drink this present, to make the birthday celebrant a proud 50-year-old!

50th Birthday Poster With Pictures

Back in 1972 Newspaper Printable - The Wonderful Past

If you want to give him/ her a fascinating 50th birthday present, why not opt for a personalized 50th birthday poster? Frame it and they’ll be the star of the celebration!  This is a special way to bring back wonderful memories from 1972, the year they were born. Personalized, affordable, thoughtful, and unique 50th birthday poster is saying it all!

50th Birthday Wine Labels

50th Birthday Wine Labels

Celebrate their 50th birthday in style with these classic unisex design wine labels. A perfect to jump-start their party or perfect for a 50th birthday gift for women or men. You can personalize script fonts and font colors in the design to add up some excitement before a toast!

Classic DIY 50th Birthday Poster

1972 DIY Birthday Poste Classic Printable Design

They only celebrate their 50th once! Make it a birthday to remember with this 50th birthday poster! This Classic DIY 'Back in 1972' 50th birthday poster will make your loved one feel special and appreciated. This unique 50th birthday poster will make them reminisce memories with lots of fun facts from the year they were born. Frame it or hang it - they'll love it!!

50th Back in 1972 Newspaper Poster

Back in 1972 Newspaper Poster Gift

Everyone loves to be reminded of how things were back in the days. Why not try this best-selling 'Back in 1972' newspaper 50th birthday poster? This will make your loved one feel special and appreciated. This unique 50th birthday poster will bring back many memories with lots of fun facts from 1972.

Flashback to 1972 - A Time Traveler’s Guide

Flashback to 1972 - A Time Traveler’s Guide

Let’s travel back in time to celebrate their 50th year, THE YEAR 1972. Enjoy a trip down memory lane, as you discover the people, the places, the politics, and the pleasures that made the year 1972 so special and unique, influencing the world we know today within this slim 70+ page book packed with fun-filled fabulous facts.

50th Birthday Gift Shirt - Vintage 1972 Aged to Perfection

50th Birthday Gift Shirt - Vintage 1972 Aged to Perfection

The birthday celebrant will be proud to wear this exclusive t-shirt to especially announce this important age has finally arrived. A unique motivational t-shirt that celebrates reaching the half of century age. The shirt design is coupled with the funny words “Aged to Perfection” that reminds everyone that being a 50-year-old is perfect and still going strong! Perfect for him and her. 

Canvas 50th Tote Bag

50th Birthday Tote Bag

Give her a funny and useful gift to make her 50th birthday memorable even for years to come. The simple minimalist design makes it a versatile bag that can be carried on many different occasions. The bag is professionally printed with sharp, vivid designs that resist fading. 

Thus, this Tote Bag makes a perfect and unique keepsake to mark a special milestone birthday.

50th Birthday Funny Gift Mask

50th Birthday Funny Gift Mask

Give extra care to the 50- year- old birthday celebrant and express his/herself with this personalized face mask. Add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. This is cloth face mask is washable and reusable made of 100% Polyester that provides a physical barrier around the face. However, are not medical-grade, thus, not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.

A 50th birthday is, without a doubt, one of the big ones. Most people have learned a lot about themselves and know what they want out of life. Hopefully, the gift you choose for their 50th birthday reflects their well-established taste and style. Yes, it’s the thought that counts but it counts even more when you find gifts that are creative and personal.  

And to the one who will turn 50 real soon, may your 5th decade see you responsible enough to handle any new challenges and adventures thrown your way. Cheers!